About – SiddM (Upcoming Deep house Talent in India)

SiddM is an upcoming music artist, music producer, drummer, percussionist and a staunch learner of an Indian classical/western electronic music. As they ask, “How is it music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” Yes, it is similar to a painter painting the beauty of the Mother Nature. Not everyone can feel an eternal connection with music frequencies. SiddM is also one of the blessed music students who believe in the divinity of music. This Mumbai-based music producer started his musical journey in childhood. As a listener, he was exposed to every possible musical genre; like the Indian classical, western rock, jazz, blues, pop, hip-hop, folk, Indian film music, sufi, fusion and various others. Instruments like Tabla, Violin, Pakhawaj, Sitar, Sarangi, Saxophone, Cello, Flute, Djembe and many other always fascinated him.
The Deep House music is a new beginning and much stronger musical feeling, which can be expressed globally. Adding instruments, like violin or flute, will make this genre further soulful. The global Deep House music giants, like Miguel Migs, Kerri Chandler, Jimpster and few others, are listened for the deep/joyful expression. SiddM is trying to bring the Deep House music by adding an Indian instrument pieces to this global genre. Some of the tracks have already been released in his YouTube and SoundCloud channels. Soon, he will be adding live performances and music videos. As there is always a story or an emotion behind every music track, communicating it with stronger visuals makes musical content more acceptable. SiddM is trying to take his music to global festivals and events with the Indian instrument variations.
Musical Events & Festivals: Artists are recognized by the number of followers. The tracks played at a live musical event or festival gives primary exposure to the listeners. Such interaction can be an amazing occasion to understand the immediate reaction on particular song or music. Music festivals also bring like-minded people with similar musical interest at one place. So, as a producer, it helps a lot to fulfill audience’s requirements which they cannot get through head phones or home speakers. Such event motivates and energizes artist to keep a never ending playlist ready.
Music Production: Producing music is the first important task of a music artist. It always starts as a bedroom music producer and then studios, then clubs and then mega events. The most hardworking and creative part of the entire process is the music production. What differentiates a small music producer and a big music producer is the content. Before releasing it nobody can conclude the right or wrong. Experimentation is the only way to bring new tracks. After mixing it with matching frequencies, sounds evoke the desired emotions and hence that track is called successful. It can be a time consuming process but beneficial in longer run.
Collaboration Projects: The efforts from different people and different instruments are always welcome. Multiple minds bring combination of various other genres or instruments. The Deep House music needs collaborative practice to create that one unique musical experience. Instruments, like violin, sound better when played with multiple players, same with many other instruments or vocals. Projects, in collaborative way, will showcase talent to the audience in much more effective way. YouTube or television based music channels have seen success of such projects. The mixture of the electronic music with instruments, like table, flute, saxophone or violin, will enhance sound experience multiple times.
Experimentation: Every creator’s journey starts with experimentation. Some people call it a discovery and rest innovation. The Indian ragas have already provided strong foundation on different scales. Various moods and expression can be interpreted with different forms. Experimentation is not just based with ragas/scales but also with electronic sound or any acoustic instruments. The richness of the entire music piece is done by checking the different sounds at production level, mixing, as well as, at the mastering level. This helps him get that one magical sound which audience would like to listen repetitively. As a producer, he explores every possible opportunity which will result into most likeable or creative song.