We are focused to create the most beautiful musical experience. Collaborative work always adds a whole new different angle to the musical story telling. Soulful nature of the Deep House music allows mixing with other instruments like violin, flute, tabla, sax or even vocal, which creates unique sounds. By adding different style or flavor gives audience a new perspective on the Deep House. Sounds, like sarangi, create one of a kind melancholic music that cannot be replaced by any other Indian or international instruments. This platform will bring the real crux of music style. Wandering emotions can be expressed better with such music format. An evolved listener will always find a connection. Music is a global language, which connects different people from different region and religion. By collaborating, we take this bonding to the next level. It’s sheer hard work to produce an amazing piece of sound. Such works can be fruitful by joining hands with someone who is equally passionate.

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