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Connection with an artist is always a tedious task. Hectic practice schedule, searching breakthrough ideas, recording, mixing, mastering and various other finesse related work keep occupied music producer. Deep house music takes time to generate sound that expresses the exact emotions as planned. Reaching out for collaboration or even for a project on e-mail with details helps us for planning. Deep house music is one form of psychedelic energy that keeps a rhythm alive in your head. Live shows at some hall or clubs or even some music festival makes perfect mood to enjoy such form of music. Some of the experts in this field keep travelling from countries to countries; regions to regions and promote this genre heavily. So, connecting can be for several important reasons some of these can be:

Live Gigs: Deep house music is most popular for live performance at clubs, festivals or any other venue/occasion with mass participation. Watching some of the great artist playing deep house is always pleasure. Growing demand of this modern format music changing audience engagement format, music festivals in India are growing and so the demand for electronic music producer.  In some cases, audience prefer listening more live than the online content.

Collaborations: Joining hands with like-minded professionals always brings great results. One who wants to work collaboratively can surely reach out and explore every possible opportunity with this genre. This genre works seamlessly as not just an electronic production unit but also music with acoustic music instruments or vocals. The magic of collaboration is all over Youtube music videos, it allows mixing two different kind of music and bringing the best out of artists.

Music Videos: Youtube, Facebook videos or any other video format gives you a platform to portray your music to national and international audience. Irrespective of language/religion background of viewer, person enjoys listening to music that expresses emotions well.  Some of the artists even achieved high success without doing live shows. Artist from two countries can collaborate and create something unique. Emerging artist will definitely get immense help from such platform. You can monetize or engage with your listener directly. Growing net speeds and video platform suggests that there will be growing requirement for this content.

Music Project: Deep house projects in Indian context by producing track with rich raga experience will be taking music to global level. Using of platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud and Beatport will make this a very lucrative model. Producing a music track is not just time consuming process but it also demands sounds which connect with an audience emotionally. Every producer tries to create better music experience and deep house is yet to explore the general musical genre. By working on such sound tracks will be a direct promotion it to the masses. An idea is to create music that will last forever. Eventually this project will keep attempting to share music tracks regularly and tries to give new sounds as much as possible.

Production & Arrangements: Dj music is often perceived as mixing or remixing tracks. Producing original composition gives artist an extra edge over other Djs. Live acoustic music doesn’t directly require mixing console or best speakers for output. It can be enjoyed without any further processing. Artist aim to produce original music spends maximum time on creation and less time of mixing it with effects. Modern DAWs allow to create acoustic music on computer which is very close to acoustic instruments. Modern music format is all about creating output that enhances music listening. Minor change in frequencies from left to right speaker output can give substantial difference in result.